2015/9/17 K5&6

2015/9/17 K5&6



・マジックeを知ろう 〜音を聞いてつづりを書こう〜

・back to the board  〜動物・国・動詞〜



What day is it today?

How’s the weather today?

Do you like spiders? I like spiders. I hate spiders.



New Words(新出単語)※文字はまだです

lake, cake, rose, tube, cube, pine, time, nose, home, June, cape, bike

Koala, penguin, lion, tiger, frog, zebra, giraffe, panda

stripes, strong, big, long, nose, neck, tail, maple leaf

Russia, Germany, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Canada, the United States

read, come, go, use, write, like, live, call, walk, drink


Today’s Tips(豆知識)