For English Speakers in Kanazawa

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Why don’t you drop by to hang out and chat here at Global Colors?

We (actually it’s “I” because it’s just me!) want this place to be somewhere we can all get together.


If you have any problems with…

writing documents in Japanese

studying Japanese

getting a cellphone

getting to know local people

 or anything else


…I can help you, and I think my students who are learning English would be happy to help you too.


If you are not a native speaker of English….don’t worry. I’M NOT EITHER. I might not be able to speak your native language, but we can communicate in English! =)


If you’d like to get to know more people, why don’t you make friends here at Global Colors?


GLOBAL COLORS is open except Sundays. (Please contact me at to check if I’m available. Looking forward to seeing you!)