2021/1/20, 22, 27, 29, and 2/3 5期生

2021/1/20, 22, 27, 29, and 2/3 5期生

Today’s Goal



・Have you ever…?と聞いてみよう




Activities(アクティビティー) 活動内容紹介ページはこちら

・BINGO No.21, 22

・Dictation No.20

・What does it mean?

・会話:How long do you …?
How long do you study everyday? / How long do you watch TV everyday? / How long do you take a bath/did you do your homework/did you sleep last night?

For …



・分析 Have you ever…?

・英作:I have never …

・15 Second Game 〜竹内先生にHave you everで質問〜

・会話:How many times have you …?



Expressions & Grammar(表現と文法)




Have you ever…?


New Words(新出単語)

forest,chick,flour,sunrise,metal,roof,puddle,apron,earth,land,sunshine,thunder,piece,cave,parrot,storm,shrimp,sunset,fairy,fridge,hail,pond,female,space,astronaut,male,toad,hill,vase,bean,beard,loaf,language,string,plug,wheel,farm,gym,bulletin, board,cork,mustache,once,twice, never


Today’s Homework(宿題)