2015/10/19 K5&6

2015/10/19 K5&6

Today’s Goal


・「私も」「僕も」Me too.とMe, neither.を使い分けられる


・New Zealandに手紙を書くの巻



・can, can’t復習 & small talk

・What’s Kiwi? 

Kiwi can’t fly, but it can run fast. Kiwi is big and its egg is so BIG!

・Quiz  “You use this to cut paper”

・”You use it”カルタ




   Can you drink coffee?

                         Yes, I can./ No, I can’t.

Me, too.  / Me, neither.


New Words(新出単語)※文字はまだです

glass, kitchen knife, swim suit, comb, fork and knife, spoon, tooth  brush, hair dryer, soap, laundry machine, saw, vacuum, white board eraser, towel

brush, clean, wash

chime, teach, lunch, ship, dish, fish, think, math, this, that, these, those, white, whale, phone, elephant, sing, back, rock


Today’s Tips(豆知識)



Today’s Homework(宿題)