2015/10/22 K5&6

2015/10/22 K5&6

Today’s Goal

・Do you 動詞?の表現に慣れる

・子音の文字と音に慣れる(ch, sh, th, wh, ng, ckなど)

・Can you 〜?の表現に慣れる










Do you eat rice or toast in the morning?  

 I eat rice.

Do you drink coffee in the morning?

   Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

What do you drink?

  I drink milk.

Do you use computer at home?

Do you read manga?

Do you watch TV?

Can you touch ants?

Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

Me, too. / Me, neither.


New Words(新出単語)※文字はまだです

seafood, crab, shrimp, squid, lobster, seashell
meat, beef, chicken, pork, lamb
insects, caterpillar, dragonfly, grasshopper, beetle, scorpion


Today’s Homework(宿題)