2016/1/25 5th & 6th Grade

2016/1/25 5th & 6th Grade

Today’s Goal



・ hisとherを知る




・英英辞書クイズ A small animal with a long tail that lives in houses or in the fields.



・他己紹介 My family



What flower do you like? / I love cherry blossoms.

What furniture do you have at home?  Do you have bunk beds? Do you sleep on bed or futon?


Who is this? / This is my mom.

How old is your brother?  / 8 years old.

What’s your dad’s name?  / His name is ___.


New Words(新出単語)※文字はまだです

plants, furniture, musical instruments

flower, cherry blossoms

bunk beds, table, chair, drawers, futon, cup board, shelf

piano, saxophone, accordion, trumpet, drums, guitar, electric guitar



Today’s Tips(豆知識)


(例)my name, my mom, his favorite food


Today’s Homework(宿題)