2020/3/6 4.5.6年生 代名詞his, her

2020/3/6 4.5.6年生 代名詞his, her

Today’s Goal



Activities(アクティビティー) 活動内容紹介ページはこちら

・BINGO No.10

・Occupation カルタ職業&ジェスチャーゲーム

・Occupationカルタ2 導入&カルタ

・代名詞 his her
Do you know my last name?

・会話:Do you know his/her last name?
His last name is …

・会話:What is your favorite food/subject?
What is his favorite …? His favortei … is …

・リスニング:his her
I’ll talk about my husband. His name is Norbert  Pozar. The name of his father is also Norbert Pozar. The name of his grandfather is also Norbert Pozar.

・Tell me…, Show me…, Call me…

・I spy…

・AGO Q&A No.1


Expressions & Grammar(表現と文法)




What is your favorite …?


New Words(新出単語)

carpenter, hairdresser,tailor,gardener,delivery person,lawyer,homemaker,store owner,shopkeeper,nursery school teacher
salesperson, security guard,mechanic


Today’s Homework(宿題)